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Mysterious disappearance of an esteemed professional: architect Antonio Adami. The investigation revolves around different women; set apart by roles, personalities, and ages, yet they share one common destiny: they are all women of sand.
A contemporary story. An all-female human portrait. A chance to peek deep inside, behind the appearance of people and situations with facets and values that may be different from what emerges to the surface. A pan of women sit in front of Inspector Casali, each of them with their own image and emotional dimension.
Adele is a well-off distinguished lady. Her sharp witticism hides deep scars inside. Her strength comes from her social status and her rock-solid yet brittle certainties and expectations.
Sex is a tool of power and self-interest for the dark-haired Vanessa, who uses her body and her provocative sex appeal as a powerful weapon of seduction to always get what she wants. Calculation as a life insurance.
The portrait of an old-fashioned mother, proud and hard-working, slightly naïve, reserved and psychologist master of life, albeit with her own limitations.
Work, but not exclusively, is at the centre of Inspector Casali’s life, who took up the profession following in father’s steps.
The inspector oversees the statements given by the characters of the story, at times with human participation, at times with ironic detachment. The distance between each of them appears to be huge, but reality will prove the opposite.


Life is a unique gift. There won’t be any other similar opportunities. Throughout this unrepeatable earthly passage, to love the others is a good and wonderful thing. To fully appreciate life, however, you must not lose sight of yourself. Education, spirit of self-sacrifice, sense of duty, sometimes lead women to make the mistake of living an existence of self-annihilation. By sacrificing themselves in the name of one love, or one affection, women try to hang blindly on to their own tenets, which are often irrefutably belied by the real facts, and end up betraying first and foremost themselves. There is no reason in the world why anyone should hand one’s life over to somebody else.
Rita Colantonio


09 October 2010

Nella splendida cornice di Palazzo Reale a Milano durante la Serata Finale del "I've Seen Films Festival" la Giuria Internazionale pres

02 October 2010

Lunedì 4 ottobre 2010 allo Spazio Oberdan di Milano ore 18 proiezione del corto "Donne di sabbia" di Rita Colantonio  finalista in I'Ve Seen Films Festival .